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Test Consulting

Business Collaborations specialises in finding practical solutions for growth businesses.  We help clients develop at pace but with the reassurance that quality processes are in place to sustain the best customer experience.
There is a very strong correlation between established test process and how a company or product advances.  Business Collaborations recognises quickly where you are, what you need and what to implement.
Our consulting addresses the immediate needs of the business while defining test processes against company objectives.  At each stage of business development, we will design and deliver test activities that mature as projects turn into programmes and the demands and complexity of the business grows.
Business Collaborations brings consultant expertise and domain knowledge from working with large enterprises and brings that to the UK growth market and with a practical pricing structure that matches their needs.





We will help you decide if you need a strategy and the benefits a strategy might bring, or we can help you adapt an existing one.  You may need some immediate test support and wish to develop a longer term plan alongside that support - we will help you understand the options.
We provide:
  • The creation of a test strategy 
  • Formalise a company test policy
  • Produce a test plan document
  • Design tests and execute them
  • Identify efficiencies for test automation
  • Create the right test environments
  • Identify training needs and mentoring
  • Identify where non-functional testing such as performance or security is needed
  • Provide project and programme management
  • Provide business analysis services
  • Audit any current practices and suitability of test tools
Business Collaborations will work with you to mature your business processes.  Test maturity goes hand in hand with business development and becomes increasingly important as products and systems become more complex. We provide an indication of your current level of test maturity and the steps that are needed to reach the next level. 
This approach follows best industry practice and allows companies to assess very quickly their current test capabilities and where they need to get to.  It also identifies skills, training, timelines and future budget planning aligned to a development roadmap.


Business Collaborations has created a number of specially designed solutions for growth businesses.  We look at the aspirations of the business and think about the type of QA solution that is going to work. 


We factor in the existing development and deployment approaches, the product or project that is taking shape, the knowledge and capabilities of the team and how strong the test culture is within the organisation.  We recognise that test solutions need to be aligned to budget and provide a clear understanding of what can be achieved as the business and products develop.

We will pass on the lessons learnt from other businesses.  Bringing both test effectiveness and process-based culture into an organisation takes time and learning the hard way can be a painful and costly experience for businesses. We will help you make the same decisions that have benefited other businesses.

If you feel your business could benefit from an honest discussion around testing and QA more generally, then we would be happy to set up a call to listen to what you are currently experiencing.

Stakeholder Management
QA for UK growth businesses.

"We felt that more could be done for UK growth businesses. We wanted to bring QA and test knowledge gained from larger organisations to that market." - Anthony Business Collaborations

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