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Managed Test Services

Business Collaborations provides expertise, experience and education into growth businesses that need specialist QA and test input. 
Whether you are looking for additional help or feel the need to review current processes, we provide an 'on demand' service the fits business requirements and available budget.  
Managed Services are ideal when flexibility is important.  The ability to call on services as you need them and maintain project continuity and understanding, with a single trusted supplier, is an efficient way of working. Being able to draw on the appropriate skillset at the right time, for as long as it is needed, means that a managed service approach is attractive to growth businesses. 
A concern for smaller and medium sized businesses, that need test services, is making the right choice. Should we hire and manage ourselves? Can we buy cheaper offshore? Should we be looking at crowdsourced options? Business Collaborations will help you make the right decision before we sell any of our own services.
We focus on understanding what it is you want and what it is that you actually need. A consultant will work with you directly, walking through the existing processes of your organisation to gain an understanding of the potential scope of change required. We will then review the impact of these proposed changes and see if this fits in with the expected end result that you have in mind.  Our proposed solution will be tailored to fit your needs accordingly.
Business Collaborations provides a wide range of QA and test services for different business needs including:


  • Test process review

  • App and web development

  • Project & programme management

  • Test resourcing

  • Agile implementation

  • Test environments

  • Upgrades and rollouts

To find the right solution for your business, please select from the below.


Find the service you need or speak to us

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