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Advanced Stage test requirements

Advanced test needs


Digital practices are changing rapidly.  Whether it is the adoption of Agile or progress towards newer deployment approaches such as Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery, there is a corresponding change in the way that testing addresses the needs of these approaches.


One of the characteristics of digital transformation is the move towards these newer software development and deployment methods. At Business Collaborations we will help you with the testing and QA aspects of this or provide advice around the structure of the teams you will need to create and the skills they’ll require.  


We will help you direct testing in the right areas.  Making sure that service level test automation provides coverage of the system’s functionality or setting up end-to-end automation to check the system before deployment will be part of the capability we bring to the business.


At this level, you may be looking for specific domain knowledge from us or need to understand how flexible our service can be. It may be that you need our help to coach staff or business users around the set up and running of effective UAT or compatibility testing.


You may see the benefits of carrying out an independent test audit to find out where efficiencies can be made in costs and process or simply to provide additional resource for new projects or product development.  


Please speak to us about any part of the test cycle that you need with. We will be happy to provide any insight we can.

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