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Mid Stage test requirements

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Pursuing a process-based approach


If your business already has test capabilities but you want to improve them, then perhaps we can help.


It may be that the test resource you have lacks a particular skill, such as automation, or experience to give you the test coverage you need. Perhaps you find that the test team is reporting to a non-test manager that is also trying to focus on other areas and is feeling stretched.  


You may have concerns that while test resource is present, significant issues are still building up and may not be able to cope with the present test expectations or your development roadmap.


Perhaps you feel that the team could benefit from some mentoring or test management? Or you may think that workshops would help to engage more stakeholders in the business and lead to better UAT results?


Where you might have used external resource such as offshore suppliers, you may have found the process difficult to handle without it absorbing large amounts of time and not always happy with the results.  We can help identify what is working and what needs review.


You may feel that you need support with different test disciplines.  Are you automating the right thing and getting return on your investment, financially and in efficiencies? Are there specialist non-functional areas such as performance and security that you need to pay more attention to?


Are you paying for test tools that do not suit your needs? This is always an area where we can help both in terms of advice and opinion.


Business Collaborations will review what you are currently doing and suggest ways to make improvements. Whether that relates to process, management, skills, resources, tool sets, training or stakeholder engagement, we can turn QA into a business benefit

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