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Delivering business change for growth companies 

QA consulting &  software testing

Business Collaborations helps businesses to grow quickly. We build self sufficiency for our clients and help them to avoid some of the mistakes that can occur during early QA decision making.  From early stage development through to successful and fast moving brands, we help you achieve quality throughout the software development life cycle.

From the gathering of requirements through to test execution we will work with you to provide the right advice, give guidance and understand your vision, goals and objectives. 

A series looking at how COVID-19 is affecting industries and how organisations can transform to meet the challenge



A catalyst for change?

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on organisations and the global economy as well as people’s health and livelihoods. However, while it’s brought unprecedented disruption, it’s also prompted many organisations to take actions they have been putting off, from launching new digital services and evolving their business model to enabling greater flexible working.  They're also thinking more about their broader social impact, with the pandemic bringing purpose into sharper focus.

As we move from crisis management to future planning, our experts look at how COVID-19 is changing the face of business, industry and society, as well as what you can do now to transform your organisation in response to new challenges and opportunities.


Business Collaborations is made up of QA and test professionals based in the UK with international experience covering a wide range of domain knowledge as well as sector and platform expertise.

We have developed practical solutions for UK growth companies using enterprise experience and knowledge gathered over many years. 

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